Spotlight on TaxAid – a great new program based in Kelowna

An exciting new program has come to Kelowna. TaxAid originated in Vancouver, with Disability Alliance BC, but is now in the Interior too – and based in Kelowna, at the Ki-Low-Na Friendship Society.

TaxAid assists people who are receiving the Persons with Disabilities (PWD) benefit or the Persons with Persistent and Multiple Barriers (PPMB) benefit with simple income tax filings and information/referrals – and it’s free.

If you haven’t filed for taxes for a number of years – don’t worry! These are the people to help you. And there are many benefits to filing for taxes, from GST/HST Credit to BC Low Income Climate Action Tax Credit to PST Credit to Working Income Tax Benefit to Canada Child Tax Benefit to Registered Disability Savings Plan Grants and Bonds. Read more about all of these benefits on the TaxAid website.

The Kelowna office, run by Rob Roy, opened in May 2018 and began working with clients in late June. Since then, they’ve met with 76 clients, and assisted with not only tax returns, but also with PWD applications, DTC applications and many other related questions and issues.

How successful is the program? From 47 tax returns, $85, 000 has been returned to clients – clients who are homeless, in and out of housing or on very tight budgets – all money that was rightfully theirs if only they had had the support to apply for it. As Rob says, “this money will absolutely go a long way to improving their lives.”

Does this situation apply to you? Do you know someone who could benefit from the services of TaxAid? If so, get in touch with Rob at the Ki-Low-Na Friendship Society, 442 Leon Ave, Kelowna or by phone: 250-763-4905 ext.215

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