About Central Okanagan

CODC stands for Central Okanagan Disability Coalition

Central Okanagan

Central Okanagan is defined as the area from Peachland in the south to Lake Country in the north.

This area is governed by a lot of overlapping groups:

Location of Central Okanagan area
Central Okanagan area
  • There are two cities – Kelowna and West Kelowna; two municipalities – Peachland and Lake Country; the Westbank First Nation; and the Regional District of the Central Okanagan. Each has its own services that they provide to their residents.
  • School District 23 covers the entire Central Okanagan region.
  • The Kelowna Regional Transit System covers the entire Central Okanagan region, but each of the six governing bodies in the region sets it own contribution, so the transit service is not uniform.
  • There are 3 MLAs and 2 MPs, and one of the MP’s riding covers an area outside the Central Okanagan

Hence, we are aiming to provide information and resources to people throughout the entire region.


Disability is not centred on the individual, but on society and the barriers that it puts in place for disabled people. Hence, using the term disability doesn’t reflect on the abilities of the disabled individual. It is a comment on the need for society to make the necessary changes to achieve accessibility and inclusion for everyone.

This YouTube video will help to explain it:


A coalition is an alliance or a partnership. It means that individuals and groups can maintain their own identity, values and mission, but come together to advance accessibility and inclusion for disabled people in the Central Okanagan.

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