Accessible Transit FAQs

Here are the answers to some of the frequently asked questions we get about Accessible Transit. If you have a question you think we could help with, please send it to

Where can I find information about handyDART?

The best place to find the most up-to-date information is on the BC Transit website here.

Why do I have to do an assessment for handyDART?

This is a change from recent years, for those of you who are familiar with the older way of doing things. The assessment is not just for handyDART, it’s to help you with all aspects of accessible transit and make sure that you get the transit that meets your needs. When the assessment was introduced, we went to meet the OTs at Meridian Rehab conducting the assessment. We found that it was an indepth study, and assessed many different aspects of the transit system.  For all your questions around the assessment, BC Transit have compiled this information.

What if I’m not sure, or I think I might need help to use the regular buses?

The people at Meridian Rehab will also provide travel traning, which will help you use both the regular (conventional) transit  and the custom transit, or handyDART, as we call it. Contact them at 250-868-3086.

I’m blind or have limited vision. Can I use handyDART?

If you have a CNIB number, you can use handyDART. To apply, you are asked to register for an assessment as well, so that your needs are catered for, and you receive training on both conventional and custom transit. This does not effect your eligibility to use handyDART, or custom transit. It just ensures that a record of your accessibility needs is kept on file.

I have concerns about a trip that I took. What should I do?

The best way to pass your feedback on to BC Transit is to complete the contact form on the BC Transit website, as all of these comments are logged and answered.

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